Journey Trails
1st Place Winner
National Haunter's Convention 2009 & 2010
Make Up Wars Competition
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Every year, during the month of October, the usually pleasant,
friendly people of New Hope Church are transformed into characters     
of all kinds, to create a haunt experience visitors will not soon forget.  
Covering three acres of deep, dark woods in New Kent, Journey Trails  
is New Hope's original and most creative, outreach event.

       Many guests claim Journey Trails is the best haunt in the region.
Located between two theme park haunt
attractions, we offer a unique,
approach that many people prefer and enjoy.

       Journey Trails 2019 will feature two trails! The Heaven Trail,
which is difficult to navigate, while fleeing to escape the dangers
surrounding you, and the Hell Trail which tests your knowledge of
fantasy versus reality. The world has given us many things to fear,
but there is only one thing that deserves our fear. Come experience
it for yourself at Journey Trails.

       Trust no one, for there are many who will try to lead you astray.
Come but don't come alone!!! Great for groups! For a deep scare,
without the conga lines, visit Journey Trails, open Saturdays only

in October.

       Be one of the first to Choose the Date and time of your visit.
Reservations are not required, but are highly recommended.

       Admission is $10 suggested donation.
Customer Reviews from 2018:

“Can I just, creepy....and yes....even though I knew it was
coming...SCARY! went with my husband, children and grandchildren and
we all were thoroughly impressed and distressed from the beginning to
the end...surprise, laughter, screams. I can't believe that these folks
aren't professionals...they were that good. Just enough creepiness to
make your inner self wonder "is this real"  We will definitely be back next
year....and on top of everything's for a good cause.“  J.C.

"My kids said this was better than hallowscream. I can't confirm because
I only got 4 feet in before I chickened out and turned around. The kids
can't wait to go again."  T.W.