Upcoming Special Events
All Events will take place at the "New" Place on Parrish Rd. unless otherwise notated.
Journey Haunted Trails
(see Journey tab for more details)
We are in the middle of a building project,
so many weekends are spent working together
towards our new facilities!
WEDNESDAYS - 7:00 pm Bible Study at the Ferrells

1:00 pm Pantry Set up
3:00 pm Pantry Open
5:00 pm Pantry Tear Down
7:00 pm Church
7:00 pm Hopetown for Kids
New Hope Church

2:00 pm Pantry Set up
4:00 pm Pantry Open
5:30 pm Pantry Tear Down
6:30 pm Dinner at Pastor's
7:00 pm Bible Study - Pastor's